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Laughter Yoga Workshop with Jill and Dan Johnson
Laughter Yoga Workshop with Jill and Dan Johnson

1. Are you needing to feel more centered and grounded?

2. Are you feeling self conscious from physical, mental, or societal obstacles?

3. Are you feeling a sense that you “should” be happy because of your circumstances but are not?

These are questions that pertain to our well-being on all levels: our body, mind and spirit. And while there are many paths to wellness, in this workshop we’ll focus on one: the simple, yet profound, healing power of laughter!

Whether you are a Practitioner of Yoga, a Wellness Professional or just wanting to experience a more joyful balance in life this workshop is for you. Discover a new approach to healing with a new perspective on laughter.

Come and join Dan and Jill Johnson, your laughter professors, as they bring to the stage three innovative leaders in Laughter Yoga.

Laura Gentry – Artist, laughter ambassador, pastor and Laughter Yoga “Master Trainer”.
Jason Freeman – Specialist in overcoming physical imbalance and “Follow Your Own Lead” Walking Coach
Katie West – Life coach, speaker, author and founder of The Levity Institute.

Through in-depth interviews and hands-on experience, you’ll expand your ability to add laughter as an additional tool in your personal development or profession. Dan and Jill will also share the therapeutic effects of laughter in Integrative Healing.

Come join us as we learn to use our spirit of laughter to create a happy, healthier life.

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Customer Reviews
Laughter Yoga Leader Training was so empowering! It made me feel so light and full of joy! Jill and Dan are so full of love and passion for teaching others - they are wonderful loving people and I felt so welcome. It was an incredible feeling.” — Joddie Sherard, Certified Laughter Leader & Medical Receptionist
Joddie Sherard
“Laughter Yoga Leader Training was such an incredible growth experience! Whether I use it for myself or in my profession I learned tools for a more joyful life.” — Cheryl Cogley, Certified Laughter Leader & Advertising Sales Professional
Cheryl Cogley
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