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ThinkSport Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Built to fit your active lifestyle, ThinkSport bottles provide an alternative to polycarbonate based bottles. These lightweight, 750ml durable bottles are the perfect fit for the active yogini.

Bottle Features
* Stainless steel vacuum sealed construction
* Easy to drink from polypropylene spout
* Internal screen to stop ice blockage during drinking

Super light weight stainless steel bottle. ThinkSport's elegant design is easy to hold and drink from. The bottle is vacuum sealed to keep beverages hot or cold for hours. We have specifically formulated every aspect of this bottle to be free of Bisphenol-A and toxic chemicals.

The bottle also features an easy to drink from spout. A small metal filter also helps keep ice or tea leaves from your drinking experience.

750 ml - Black, Blue, Purple, Silver
350 ml - Silver

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Regularly: $24.99
YH Members: $20.89


SKU: 1030-80102-7BK

Weight: 1.06 lbs

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Detailed Images

Customer Reviews
It's very durable and always keeps the water nice and cold or hot, but what I really love the large opening that allows for quick high volume intake when I'm in the middle of my step class. The bonus is the filter blocks the ice. Sucking on the bottles with the small pop up sipper just does not do it for me.
Gerald Souza
I use my ThinkSport bottle everyday! I fill it up in the morning with green tea and it stays warm until 4pm. I love my ThinkSport water bottle!!!!

YogaHub Reviews

I have used the ThinkSport water bottles for over two years now and some of my favorite features of this bottle are; it's super durability to withstand long falls without damage or breaking. I do a lot of rock climbing and I often clip it to my harness so it's seen its fair share of action. 

The other amazing feature I love, is how well insulated it is. I can fill it up with 80% water and 20% ice at 7am and head to the crags (rock wall) and it will still be cold by 4pm later that afternoon despite the fact that it's been in the sun at 95+ degrees all day.

Segovia Smith
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