»  ToeSox - Yoga / Pilates Non-Slip Foot Wear
ToeSox - Yoga / Pilates Non-Slip Foot Wear
Designed with a uqique patent pending non-slip sole, these form-fitting ToeSox provide a fantastic grip on any surface for maximum control and balance. This second skin provides a complete hygienic barrier between you and the mat, gym equipment, exercise apparatus, etc. Toe Sox offer the support of an athletic sock, while giving you the dexterity of being barefoot. These non-slip ToeSox are the only toe socks available that ensure complete hygienic protection, while allowing your toes to separate naturally. The five toe design encourages toe separation for a noticeable increase in balance, flexibility and performance.

Foot alignment is essential in all disciplines. ToeSox feature a horizontal stripe at the metatarsal head, a visual cue to proper foot alignment during reformer, cadillac and mat workouts. Toe separation both strengthens and stretches the muscles in your feet resulting in greater blood circulation and reducing the chances of injury. You can enhance your equilibrium in standing poses by spreading the toes and the ball of the standing foot. The broader your base, the more stable you are, and even the slightest widening of the sole of the foot is helpful.

This product is a must have for anyone's yoga and pilates collection of accessories.

Any other color, please contact us.

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Detailed Images

Customer Reviews
I have every color except white. LOVE THEM! I do a lot of on-site yoga so keeping my feet comfy is paramount. The grip is great and works on every surface so I can "strike a pose" from anywhere in the room as I teach.
Linda Black

YogaHub Reviews

I love these sox, especially when it's cold during the winter. I still use my yoga mat. I just love the grip that these yoga toe sox provide. A world of difference from regular socks ;)

Segovia Smith
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