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Rosemary Clough: Yoga Dots
Rosemary Clough: Yoga Dots
“For years I have laboriously cut up sticky mats into 12" circles to use as a safe space for children to practice yoga and dance. Eventually, I began calling these circles Yoga Dots. With Yoga's increased popularity among adults and more recently with children, I knew I wanted to share these Yoga Dots with parents, teachers, yoga and dance instructors, day care providers and healthcare professionals. Children of all ages and abilities LOVE the colors, texture and variety. They are fun and far less cumbersome than a full size yoga mat. As Alexander Calder once told a group of architects, "Take your building blocks, go into the world and create." I invite each of you to explore your own games, stories, dances, patterns, and more with Yoga Dots!"
- Rosemary Todd Clough

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Customer Reviews
i love these dots. they have added so much to my family workout. We use them to create fun new yoga poses, dancing around them and games with them. They really have added so much. My daughter sets them up them all the time to jump around, her own poses and shows me.. Thank you for making these available to our life. Susan
susan wandell
Yoga dots are a wonderful tool for teaching dance and yoga as well as a fun prop to use at home. They are great for teaching movement concepts about self and general space, exploring shapes, and countless other games and activities. They are durable, easy to travel with, and so much fun! I highly recommend them to anyone working with children who wants to share and experience creative dance and yoga.
Jennifer McGowan
Yoga dots are a great learning tool. They are very useful in teaching movement concepts and other activities at home, at the studio, or in the classroom. Children love to sit on them for circle time or morning meeting. They also enjoy using them for a variety of movement activities and games. Their fun bright colors, durability, and portability make them a must have tool for anyone working with children creatively.
Maureen LeGallo
Yoga Dots are versatile allowing children to move on and off them as they explore what their bodies can do in space and in relation to others. As place holders, they teach children about self-space and make moving in general space a lot of fun as they weave in and out around them, over, and on them. They are esily portable fitting into a tote and offer many oportunities for cretive exploration. I highly recommend them to those who work with children.
Sandy Bothmer
Having a mobile kids yoga studio...means bringing all supplies with you to a location which may or may not have space for traditional yoga mats. Yoga dots are a great way to keep the class moving without having to constantly move large mats for different activities.
Hi , where to buy them? And what's the name called ?
Call: 1-888-YOGA-HUB

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